What I Do




What I Do

i specialize in bringing websites up to date and making them do the job they were intended for. your website should be your most informative, hard working tool for you. its not just supposed to sit there a look pretty. its supposed to have a conversation with your visitors and educate them, ask them and show them all about your products and services.


most of the websites i help are outdated or built on some pretty difficult platforms to work on. what i see often is the company where you purchased your domain from offers you a “free or affordable” site builder, you choose that thinking you should be able to do it yourself and you should. but these site builders are not friendly and the user interface is no fun to figure out. you get enough information on your site with a few images and then your exhausted wondering how you even got that far. you can try to reach out to support but its not very easy or they want to charge you for support and upgrades. If you site is old enough you may have built it on a home program such as dream weaver or even microsoft word. back then there weren’t that many choices. your simply trying to save money and build a site yourself- your building your company yourself shouldn’t you be able to build your site? yes you should, except….. you need some help

you decide to reach out for help and whamo! the webmasters wont even think of doing a site for under $2-$5k and before you give them any money you have no idea what they are going to do for you. WHY, why don’t we know what we are getting for our money? because thats the business model and process most webmasters use. you can see what they have done in the past which looks nice and gives you confidence in them but you still have no idea what your going to get.

DOES THIS SEEM STRANGE? Or is it just me?

i created my own process, i turned the process around a bit where i actually hunt for your website and you don’t even have any idea i’m on the job for you already, costing you nothing i might add. if i find your website and it looks old- meaning its definitely built on old technology and an old platform i can spot it pretty easily. maybe no real color scheme going on, all super old information, no new images, you might not even have contact information up. and by the looks of it you probably did you best with what you had but you had to leave it as is and get back to running your business at hand.

all this, NOT TO MENTION… that you need to keep up with googles latest demand in being able to look good on a phone first, then a desktop /laptop and then finally a tablet. in that order. and you learn this now!? after you just spent all this time building your site on your computer to look good on the screen, you check how it looks on your phone and you want to scream! been there, done that- VERY frustrating.

OK, so WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?….. I may have already done it 🙂